How FMX Technology Works

The FMX system is an intelligent, thermal surgical platform that uses ferromagnetic technology to precisely cut, coagulate, and seal tissue; with a fraction of tissue injury compared to other surgical technologies, and without passing electrical current through the patient.

How Ferromagnetic Surgical Technology Works

FMX Technology

The active surface of each FMX surgical instrument is plated with a thin ferromagnetic coating. When the instrument is activated, the FMX generator passes high frequency electrical energy through the ferromagnetic coating and back to the generator, creating a rapidly alternating magnetic field within the coating.

FMX Technology

The coating instantly reacts to the alternating magnetic field, producing uniform heat throughout the coated area. When in contact with tissue, this uniform heat precisely cuts, coagulates, and seals with minimal collateral thermal injury. When deactivated, the coating cools quickly.

FMX Technology

FMX surgical instruments are electrically silent; meaning that the electrical energy delivered to each instrument returns to ground through the generator and does not pass through the tissue.

Because heat is generated only in the area plated with the ferromagnetic coating, FMX surgical instruments activate instantly and cool down in seconds. FMX technology provides extremely precise and predictable control of thermal effect and reduces thermal injury to deeper tissue and surrounding structures; while eliminating the passage of potentially dangerous electrical current through the patient.
FMX Generator

The FMX Generator features a patented software control algorithm that manages the delivery of energy. While activated, the generator is in constant communication with the attached surgical instrument; monitoring and adjusting the delivery of energy 200 times per second. The software control algorithm ensures that the optimal amount of heat is delivered at all times.

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