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Domain Surgical's technology produces surface-only thermal tissue effects without passing electrical energy through the patient. Watch the latest video footage of our ferromagnetic technology in action below.



Knee Cartilage Repair - FMwand - FMwand used for repair of knee cartilage. Surgery performed by Dr. Alan Davis.

Brachial Plexus Tumor Resection - FMwand - FMwand used for resection of brachial plexus tumor. Surgery performed by Dr. Joel MacDonald.

Bilateral Mastectomy - FMwand - FMwand used for bilateral mastectomy. Surgery performed by Dr. Robert Schauer at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

Liver Tumor Resection with Narration by Dr. Hewitt - FMwand - FMwand used for resection of liver tumor in pediatric patient. Surgery performed by Dr. Winston Hewitt, of the Mayo Clinc, at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Narration by Dr. Hewitt.

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