Domain Surgical Receives Technology Commercialization and Innovation Grant

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - June 16, 2011 - Domain Surgical, Inc., a medical device company developing novel thermal surgical technology for tissue cutting and coagulation, announced today that it has received an additional $40,000 Technology Commercialization and Innovation Program (TCIP) Grant award from Utah Science Technology Research initiative (USTAR), for research related to the validation of the company's technology for tissue sealing applications. The research under this grant will be led by Section Chief of Gastrointestinal and General Surgery at the University of Utah, Robert Glasgow, MD.

Dr. Glasgow said, "Domain Surgical's technology has already been demonstrated to effectively cut and coagulate tissue. I believe that the technology now holds promise for providing a superior method for sealing vascularized tissue, including large blood vessels. My hope is that by improving tissue sealing procedures during surgery, we can enhance surgical efficiency and ultimately improve patient healing and outcomes."

David McNally, President and CEO of Domain Surgical said, "We are thrilled that Dr. Glasgow will lead these key studies as the principal investigator. His surgical experience and commitment to improving minimally invasive gastrointestinal procedure outcomes make him uniquely qualified for this study. Dr. Glasgow's proven clinical expertise and first-hand knowledge of unmet needs played an essential role in our ability to earn this grant. Mr. McNally continued, "We are grateful for the exceptional work done by Dr. Joel MacDonald and Dr. Amit Patel, who are the principal investigators on three prior grant awards. The performance and success of both Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Patel on those prior grants enhanced our ability to earn the award of this most recent grant. It will be a privilege to work with Dr. Glasgow to build upon a foundation of prior success to explore a significant new market for our technology. We are pleased that the additional research made possible from this grant award will be conducted at the University of Utah. The University continues to offer unique resources and personnel that are capable of validating our novel thermal cutting and coagulation technology in numerous subspecialties."

Domain Surgical's product line is based upon patent-pending thermal surgical technology, whereby a surgical implement can be instantly heated to consistently deliver pure thermal energy to cut and coagulate soft tissue. When the heated implement contacts tissue, it imparts a thermal effect on the surface of the tissue that has a very low depth of penetration compared to other surgical energy modalities. This results in superior cutting and coagulation, with little risk of unintentional injury to adjacent tissue or sensitive structures.

About Domain Surgical, Inc.
Domain Surgical is a privately held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company is developing a product line of capital equipment and single-patient-use disposables designed to address the known shortcomings of leading energy-based surgical equipment. Domain Surgical's patent-pending technology produces surface-only tissue effects with energy that does not pass through the patient, and is designed with the surgical staff in mind, for simple user-interface and training. The company's initial focus for market introduction includes products for neurological and spine surgery. For more information, please visit

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